Thursday, September 01, 2005

Strawberry pickin'

Stawberry pickin'
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Blogger is tied nicely with Flickr... Flickr has been a great tool to break out and find different point of views... it's very interesting to see how others see things around them - everyday things, from a digital camera or camera phone. The tags and the cluster search options are an innovative and quick way to narrow down a search for an image that your looking for if you need a nudge to develop an idea or get inspired...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Found Objects…

What to else can you do with a toothpick?
15 minutes:

Build models
Make puzzles using toothpicks
Great for railroad tracks and bridges
Stack in a bundle and use to fill holes or dowel filler in wood projects and stripped screws
Prop open eyes during exam, see movie "the fog"
Game of pickup sticks
Use them to prop insects/moths in a shadowbox
Use them as currency at your next poker game
Use them as bones for mahjong
Burn them as incense - love the smell of pine
Make a backscratcher
Make a Zen rake for a sand garden
Decorate the plate to make fancy swirls out of chocolate/raspberry syrup
Use to build an Eiffel tower
Miniature flags for garden planting
Glued together on a large board to make a mosaic
Set up a nasty booby trap
Shoot through straw into the ceiling at work when you're bored
Pick your nose
Use in cooking pigs in a blanket
Hold a quesadilla together
Soak in flavored liquid (espresso) and chew to alleviate cravings
Great for playing with Legos as instruments/weapons
Kindling for starting a campfire
Give to hamster to chew on
Teach your kids how to count with them

Found this...

Robot Art, Weed:

and this:

Googled it…

Applying glue
Removing glue
Distressing the painted finish on furniture
Drapery rod
Supports to keep your dollhouse windows open
Carving decorations on clay
Poking holes in clay
Applying tiny dots of paint
½” scale table legs
Chair spindles and stretchers
make an old-fashioned plate rack
use the fancy toothpicks for pegs on shelves & on a coat rack
as handles for various miniature tools such as shovels or trowels
as the framework for a miniature kite
dripping paint or resin onto surfaces
cut ends off and weave together to make a ½” scale wooden fence
moisten the end of the toothpick and use to pick up small beads and findings
counting stitches in miniature needlework
columns on miniature wedding cakes
the flat kind as miniature chopsticks
glue sandpaper to one and use to sand rounded edges
use to make streaks of paint when marbleizing a finish
use the stub of a toothpick to make a fat candle
as “nails” to hold foamcore together
Armatures for clay dolls
Spindles in porch and stair railings
Cut off the ends and paint green to make pickles
Use a toothpick to curl small pieces of paper to make flower petals
Paint red to make the handles on a rolling pin
Diagonally sand the end of a toothpick until it is rounded and use to smooth ridges in clay figures
A toothpick with the end rounded can be a stylus for making flowers
The base of a parasol or umbrella
As a tool to make green beans