Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sand Art - Sisyphus III

Some art never lasts the test of time... now, if you could capture the art digitally, store it and then replay it later. Works ok for movies, audio and a few photos but what about physical art. Sand art isn't meant to be permanent, however, with a specialized motor control system you could easily repeat a work of art. Now if you could only do this with paint, paint strokes and a canvas....

Sisyphus III

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How do you live for now

what could you really do... if you only had one day to do it. Just one day...
maybe focus on the essentials or focus on the nonessentials.
really go out in a bang. just hang out a bit and soak up the scenery.
check out this 'viral marketing' campaign by vodafone that allows people from around the globe to put their own thoughts/ideas ou there...

Each user’s mayfly will live on the site for 24 hours. it's based on the mayfly. which just live for one day.