Thursday, September 29, 2005

43 Things

It's interesting to see that some of the readings in this class are overlapping the readings for Change Management that was taken during Summer Session II. One thing that was stressed in that class and is brought up in the current readings is the idea of a focused leader having a set of ideas, goals or thoughts in order... This being the most critical factor in obtaining success in one way or another - family, life, business. Without going into a great deal of debate and rhetoric over Neuro Linguistic Programming or Kyudo's one-mind-one-thought ideology both class readings have commented on a disciplined approach to modifying thought, behaviour, habit to work towards clearing one's mind and getting to a desired outcome. The creative exercise 10 Ideas in 10 Minutes is a helpful start and I imagine mindmapping and fishbone diagrams might help narrow some ideas down however these approaches go at it solely from an individual's point of view... I found a website looks to be a great way to get started without going it alone. You can match yourself with a "community" of individuals that have a particular set of goals in mind -


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