Friday, September 23, 2005

My Creative Workspace

Interesting to see a big difference in the workspace (aka cubicle) that I work in at work vs. the workspace that I work/play in at home... a pseudo studio as much as one can be in a 13x13 second bedroom. Functionally it's utilitarian space... space utilized for the sole purpose of storing crap - paperwork, files, in progress, magazines, etc. It has a lot more freedom in the corner space. Various speakers, headphones and PDAs; because, like a good pair of shoes, I can never seem to find the right "fit"... There is just enough space enough to do work on the computers, do paperwork, draw and take things apart.

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Computers with large, you can never have enough, monitors - Flat panel NEC and an old Trinitron from undergrad - friggin' workhorse that thing is. The first "real" mac, I still own (PowerPC 7100/AV), sits as a monitor stand - the 'very first' was a IIGS I harassed my parents into getting which got lost in shipping on the way to Germany back in the day... then it was more about getting the spare parts needed to put my own PC machines together.

Multiple VCRs and PVRs to capture video feed of stuff that I will probably never get to edit but will more then likely watch and file away... distractions to some but again, it's background noise. "Distractions" and clutter are scattered around most used as inspirational outlets. Piles of paperwork, collections bound for ebay, electronic projects half completed, half started - depending on how you look at it. There are examples of good design and bad design... items of curiosity, planned obselescence (sp?). There is just enough space with creature comforts... hidden spaces for hidden things, lost things, broken things, parts to things that may or may not be in a box somewhere... neat things, cool things, wow, why didn't I think of that things...


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