Monday, October 24, 2005

The 10 Faces of Innovation

Are you a hurdler or a caregiver? "Innovation is all about people. It is about the roles people can play, the hats they can put on, the personas they can adopt." The appeal of the personas is that they work. Not in theory or in the classroom but in the unforgiving marketplace. Ideo has battle-tested them thousands of times in a real-world laboratory for innovation. The personas are about "being innovation" rather than merely "doing innovation." Take on one or more of these roles, and you'll be taking a conscious step toward becoming more of an innovator in your daily life.

This is prime for a Q&A interactive to help hit your most notable roles... who says duel personalities aren't beneficial to team play! This could easily be created into a distinct set of shuffle cards. Pick a new role each day and approach challenges from that POV.

Link to 10 Faces of Innovation.


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