Saturday, November 26, 2005

Emerging Artist: KEISHA ROBERTS + fiber art

I think her "Blood on the fields" is a great concept and will no doubt be a hit... the simple lines, minimalist (which i can never seem to do), mataphor of what lies beneath the pristine...

I have always been fond of masks (my call handle is Tikimon) and how you can always put on a face or swap your 'face' depending on what task you need to do... Then, I was playing around with her idea of front and back... like the old Greek (or Roman?) Janus facemask (happy/sad or maybe its mad, as in insane). Worked on some mini applets that could demonstrate this...

so, Keisha (Ms.Roberts, ?) has a challenge demonstrating that the piece is two-sided... and how do you display this? floating in a gallery space or smashed between two planes of glass. on her website she gives some JPG examples but it really looses the context...

anyways, I threw this together to try something out:

as you can see it flips and rotates hopefully conveying the idea better... however, the strings don't quite follow gravity... I'm working on that next:

you'll need Flash MX or Flash 8 plugin to view these examples.
You can get that here:

anyways, any thoughts would be helpful in how to make this piece a little better...

Here website can be found here:


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